Three reasons to write your book, coach

By now, you know what you’re doing as a coach, right? You’ve spent countless hours on the phone with clients, and they’ve gotten great results. What you are doing is working and your clients are pleased. You’ve invested a lot in your business and want to reach a wider audience.

Have you considered your next step might be to package all your wisdom and knowledge into a book? I know what you’re thinking… I can’t possibly do that! We’ll deal with that resistance in the next blog post. For now, here are three compelling reasons why it makes good business sense to spread your wings and put words around your wisdom.

  1. Write a book to attract more of your ideal client
    You know who she is. You probably have a detailed description of her. You know where she hangs out and how to reach her, to a point.
  2. Write a book to establish yourself as an expert
    Because you are, right? How much knowledge is packed away in your brain? Nothing says “expert” quite like a the title of your latest book in your email signature and promotional materials.
  3. Write a book to grow your brand
    A printed book is the ultimate business card. A slightly more pricey one, but very impressive. Plus they stick around when you consider our built-in resistance to letting go of books. Once we have one in our possession, it’s a holy commitment that we are reluctant to abandon.

Using a book as a platform for your brand makes all kinds of sense.


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