How it works

Our process is designed for coaches who don’t consider themselves writers, but who have a substantial body of knowledge and have attained a certain level of success in their coaching practice.

Are you that coach? If you are, let us help you get that knowledge out of your head and into the world so you can elevate your business to the next level. How? It’s pretty simple, although not exactly easy. We’ve broken it down into three major parts, roughly one for each of the three months creating a book usually takes:

red-button-small-1Refine & Write: Where we help you hone your vision and start writing the first draft… learn more

red-button-small-2Design & Promo: Where we begin the design phase and start advance promotion… learn more

red-button-small-3Launch & Love: Where we publish your book and help you tell the world… learn more

The Book Starts Here is our mission in life. We put all our experience, knowledge and energy into play for your project. As writers, editors, coaches, and techies — we are here for you.

So… how much longer will you wait to get your message out into the world? If you want your book to help people — and act as a 24/7 client magnet to attract just the right people to your work — let’s talk.

The write-publish-serve model we have developed solves the paralyzing problem of how to actually write and publish your book, then get it in the hands of those who need it. To explore how this works and schedule your no-pressure, non-salesy, free consult, click here to provide us with some information about your book and we’ll contact you to schedule your call.