The Book Starts Here

This powerful program will move you from dreaming about writing a book to becoming a published author. As coaches ourselves, we know how much time, money and energy you have invested in your career. We know how long it took you to acquire your knowledge and expertise.

We’re here to help get your work in the hands of your ideal clients. How does it work?

Why us? Because we each have a solid background helping coaches — and other professionals — move forward, get clear and focus on concrete steps that lead to results.

Our combined skills and experience in writing, editing, promotion, design and technology are exactly what you need to get your book published and into the hands of your ideal clients.

If you want your book to help people, as well as serving as a 24/7 “client magnet” to attract just the right people to your work, you owe it to yourself to talk with us. Who are we?